Sitemap - 2021 -

Auld Lang Syne

Deck the halls!

This is your sign to have a Brooklyn staycation

To do: eat cake, buy pink lemons, and shop local

Our favorite cheap eats in NYC...!

Turkey sandwich anyone?

Gifts for a Brooklyn Chef and a Manhattan Socialite


Happy Friday, we love u


Meet us at the museum

a picnic that lasts forever


Where is the real NYC?

Feeling weird today,,,

We're just here for the snaxxx

Good morning, start the day with a dance party!

Why can't we be friends?

we have a lot of thoughts

Jazz on a Summer's Day

We're over here...where are you?

We’re here for the snacks

Just be cool

Stop, grab a coffee, then proceed...

All of Our Favorite Indie Grocers in NYC

Helloooooo New York!

This is where you should watch the 4th of July Fireworks in NYC

A ton of Pop-Ups & the BEST spots for a Summer Date Night

It's cool in here


The coolest things to do this weekend

Can we get a round of applause?

If yr looking for a sign, this is it

Is this thing on?

We like you very much

Someone who loves me went to NYC and got me this newsletter

What are Cocteau Twins saying...

Too many tabs open!

Just look at this!

Sorry! 4got how 2b a person

People are just people

Oh my. What a strange planet

Your friendly reminder to go outside

Today we are excited about everything!

New York I love you, but you're freaking me out

Months & months & months & months

Message received, loud & clear

Life Is Weird & So Are We

All Tomorrow's Parties

Keats & Yeats Are On Your Side

*kiss kiss on the forehead

99 solutions & 1 problem 🏁

My head hurts...happy New Year 🎉