Who is coolstuff.nyc?

At its core, coolstuff.nyc is two people: Anna & Garrett Albury - a couple of designers living in Brooklyn trying their best to be writers.

We launched our first newsletter in February 2020 after having the idea while stuck on an M train somewhere between Williamsburg and Bushwick. While coolstuff.nyc has evolved since the first email went out to 42 people, we’ve held on to what inspires us - showcasing independent creators, designers & businesses, sharing diverse perspectives of a diverse city, and keeping things as positive as positively possible.

What are the different subscription tiers?

We’ve got something for everyone.


Our Free Tier offers you the coolstuff.nyc you’ve come to know and love – direct to your inbox 2 times per month. Here’s a little more about what you can expect when you subscribe:

  • Cool and curated upcoming events in NYC

  • Our “Cool New Thing” feature

  • Interviews with cool New York locals like Hayley Nahman, Eric Kim, and Susan Alexandra

  • Links to our Guides and Best Of articles on the coolstuff.nyc website


$5 monthly or $50 annually

The Paid Tier offers even more COOL STUFF. In addition to the three free newsletters, you will get an additional fourth newsletter. This brings the fun direct to your inbox 4+ times per month. But wait…there’s more:

  • Monthly Reader Q&A. Ask us a question, recommendation, or well…anything in the comments section of the third newsletter of the month and we’ll reply within 24 hours.

  • Favorite Things column. Within the exclusive monthly paid edition of the newsletter, we’ll be introducing a new column where we list all of our favorite places we went, our favorite things we saw & our favorite bites we ate in NYC that month.

  • Access the full coolstuff.nyc archive – we’ve moved all of our catalog of newsletters going back to February 2020 to Substack. The best part? On our Substack website you can easily search and find exactly the type of recommendation you might be looking for!

  • Curated events in NYC, our “Cool New Thing” feature, and interviews with cool New York locals every week.

BONUS: If you subscribe annually, you’ll save 17% off of the monthly price.

Super Cool Friend

Starting at $200/year

The Super Cool Friend Tier offers the opportunity to give even more support to coolstuff.nyc. In addition to the all of the perks for the paid tier, you’ll receive a curated 1-day NYC itinerary based on a survey, designed by us, for you. How it works:

  • When you subscribe we’ll reach out with a survey to get to know you a little better.

  • We’ll package a fully custom, beautifully designed and printable itinerary for you to have the most fun 24 hours in New York City.

  • You will also receive our eternal gratitude <3

coolstuff.nyc is a reader-supported publication. We hope you’ll consider becoming a free or paid subscriber :)

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coolstuff.nyc is a weekly New York-centered recommendations newsletter written by Anna & Garrett Albury. coolstuff.nyc is your weekly style guide, love note, curation, arts digest, and most of all - your weekly New York.